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Allpoint Properties Privacy Policy

This privacy policy discloses practices for This privacy policy applies solely to information collected by this web site. Our policy will notify you of the following:

We collect information about individuals from our rental application. Rental applications are returned to our office via office fax, or US Mailing or in person. We no longer offer any return of application via email. We do not retain email from customers unless a complaint has been received. Once the complaint has been addressed and resolved, no emails are retained. We do not use email addresses to solicit business from customers. Our use of "cookies" on our web site is for the purpose of identifying repeat customers, and only for that purpose.

Our rental application process does not offer choices to withhold customer data. The data we ask for from the customer is from our Rental Application The purpose of our application is to Identify that particular applicant. This is done through Photo Identification as well as individual Social Security Number. Without that information a complete check on the individuals identity would not be complete. Our company policy is to NOT process any incomplete application. If an incomplete application is submitted we will immediately notify that person of additional information needed. If no compliance with a request for additional information, we will shred that application.

Once a credit report has been obtained all customers are entitled to a copy of the report. We only retain credit information if that customer is selected to rent a property and agrees to rent a property. If any customer is not accepted to rent, or if the customer declines to rent (change of mind) all credit and application data is professionally shredded on a regular basis.

Rental Applications and credit data retained from individuals renting through our company are kept in a secure location and only employees of our company would have access to this information when necessary.

Any customer may contact our office if they have any grievance as to how we store their personal information. The customer may call (916) 446-1000x300 or Fax to 916 446-1108 or you may email allpointrentals Our office is required to retain written information on existing customers (tenants) according to civil code and business and professions code of the State of California. Our office is representing property owners who have a right to review data and records retained for their individual properties.

We do not discuss any individuals credit data with third parties other than an overall FICO score which may be given to a property owner as proof of meeting rental criteria. Individual credit accounts are not discussed or given to any third party. Once a tenant vacates a property and no longer rents through our office we shred all documents pertaining to that tenancy.

We will update our policy to reflect compliance with Statutes as laws change or are amended.


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